Energetic Healing balances the vibrational light body and removes energetic and soulful blocks. This allows the body to receive its full essence, its full light, which is optimal for healing.

Many times there is a physical shift that occurs with this type of work. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes profound, but mostly just right.

During an Energetic Healing Session, you remain clothed on the table or floor and often relax into a meditative or dream state.

Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing

During a Reiki session I am usually putting crystals and stones on and around the body, creating a healing grid in the room. This amplifies and directs the energy for optimal benefit. Reiki energy connects to pure love, pure light and pure intention. Directing this pure light with the crystals in and around the physical body creates space for the energetic body and the chakras to balance.  Balancing the chakras and the energetic body creates a platform for optimizing whole body healing. For the client, Reiki energy often feels comforting like warm energy spilling over and around you. Reiki often removes energetic blocks that are affecting us physically. By removing these blocks, we are able to open up to the healing process that can relieve a variety of chronic and acute conditions.

CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral sessions are gentle in their approach but are usually deeper in their effects. This work is closely related to the central nervous system and works directly with the craniosacral rhythmic motion in our bodies. This rhythm is different from our respiratory and cardiovascular rhythm and, when balanced, can release tensions deep in the body to relieve a full spectrum of pain and discomfort. As with other energetic sessions, this work requires focus and direction from the practitioner so the client can receive all the benefits. Most clients relax very deeply during a session. This powerful, yet light touch approach is used for chronic and acute pain and where a deeper touch might not be applicable.

Shamanic Healing & Journeywork

Shamanic Healing is a wonderful expanding body of energetic healing. This healing is rooted in tradition with native shamans around the world. Its history goes way back since the time people were seeking healing from others. The shamans were visionaries and suppled their tribes with natural medicines that came from the earth. In current times, it is mostly used as complimentary healing in conjunction with our regular health care. I connect with this energetic healing by working with my helpful spirit guides. I access this healing by using a drum, rattle, song or no sound at all. For the client, it is similar to moving into a dream state which is relaxing and easy to do.

Shamanic healing restores your true essence one session at a time. This essence can be lost through different types of traumas and experiences that we have had in our lives.  Having this light energy restored balances and aligns your energetic field, removes blockages and stagnations and creates a platform for optimizing whole body healing.

Traveling into your dreams and learning how to connect to your own personal spirit guides is a wonderful way to begin working with this type of healing work!

Shamanic Healing sessions available include Dream Work, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Purpose, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Elemental Work and Psycho Pomp.


Pricing for services ~ 

60 minutes: $75.00
90 minutes: $115.00


Rebecca was in the shamanic healing apprenticeship program where we studied under Leontine Hartzell for almost 2 years. Rebecca was one of the top students in the class and in many ways, she was a teacher in her own right, since she was so knowledgeable and had so much experience already. She does shamanic healing with a lot of intuition and power, often pinpointing the issue and using helpful techniques right away. Her background in plant medicine and other modalities adds so much into her healing session. We were often wowed by the connections and insights she was able to receive from the spirit world. After the program ended, some of us formed a small support group to continue practice with her, which was a tremendous learning experience, until she moved away to NC. Definitely go to her for your healing sessions. She is one of the best out there. I have been on the spiritual path for many years and feel very honored to know Rebecca. Mei, Boston, MA

I took my first journey under Rebecca’s guidance. That led to subsequent journeys, each deeper and more meaningful. Discovering and learning about my totem, coupled with a deeper understanding of where I was in life, was something for which I am grateful.
-J.P. Newfields, NH